Healing Arts

Ancestral Ceremonial Healings Are Transformational:

Those who are interested and ready for journeywork/transformational work may find these ceremonial offerings a valuable resource on the path of self-discovery. 

*We are on this earth to have a human experience. During this experience many of us are faced with a myriad of questions. 
Ancestral healing work can be beneficial and help people move toward clarity when facing a wide spectrum of these questions, including: 
-What is my purpose? -What is my life’s work?-What did I come here (the physical earth plane) to do?
-What am I doing? What steps can i take, in the physical sense, to manifest my greatest dreams here on earth (to fulfill my original prayer)? 
-What can I do to move more fully into alignment with my ancestors? 
-What can I do to become more receptive to the wisdom that my ancestors want to share with me to help manifest my greatest dreams? 
-What is my personal truth? 
-What are the unique gifts that I have to share? How can I share them? 
-How can I reach and live in my most expansive state?
-Is my belief system or my behavior limiting me?

*Ancestral healing work is an alternative approach that addresses these questions and others physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
-If you have felt “out of balance…”
-If you have felt as if trying to explain your feelings to others will leave them thinking that you are crazy, or if you have found yourself asking people, “do I sound crazy?”
-If you have felt “I just don’t fit in here…”
-If society and/or people are telling you, “you’re not normal…”
-If you have felt “I’m looking for something more in my life, but I don’t know what that is…”

*We recognize that spirit speaks to us through our intuition and other subtle suggestions. Ancestral ceremonial work is an aid to those who choose to explore that whispering voice of intuition. It can help to reveal new perspectives and dissolve socially constructed or self-imposed limitations.

*This type of work may provide experiential affirmation for feelings and ideas that are difficult to reconcile with conventional ways of thinking.

*These types of offerings help individuals develop a clear language of expression regarding ceremonial and spiritual experiences.

*Our ceremonial work is a nurturing experience supported in a safe and sacred space by a balance of feminine and masculine energy.

*Occasionally one can experience resistance (doubt or hesitation) prior to a session. It may be that the spirit is aware that it’s about to undergo great transformation, in which case the logical mind may attempt to sabotage this effort in order to preserve the existing pattern. As with any transformative time there can be discomfort and fear. This too, is an opportunity for a transformative break through. We welcome discussion of any such feelings.



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