“The ancestral healing and spiritual awakening ceremony that Benjamin and Angela did for me was a powerful life changing experience. It was then and will always be, a shared and fearless affirmation to all that I hold sacred. I was so blessed to be in the awesome and at times startling, and mysterious presence of Great Spirit.
It was a totally new kind of spiritual connection. 
The live rhythmic music, wordless and soulful invocations
Grounding and Healing Touch
Personal / Universal
To be reborn in the Now…
A Child’s sense of Wonder and Magic
Ancient Knowledge and renewed Values
Fresh Perspectives and Insights
Physical Rejuvenation and Activation
A visceral connection to Life Force
Unspeakable Joy!
Mahalo to Ke Akua / God
and my dear friends Benjamin and Angela
Guardians of Truth, Light and Love…”
-Gene Tamashiro

“I F***ing Love their music so much! It resonates in my DNA!! I feel like I return to my roots in the rhythms.”
-Steven Kalish

"Words cannot describe what a blessing it has been for me to have met and received healing from Angela and Benjamin. When I was 21, I was rushed to the hospital because I was so ill I began to lose consciousness. They could not find what caused the sudden illness, and for the next seven years I felt feverish, sick to my stomach, fatigued, and depressed almost every day. I worked with countless doctors and specialists, and spent thousands of dollars on expensive tests, procedures, and treatments to try to cure this seemingly undiagnosable and untreatable illness. Western medicine left me feeling hopeless and abandoned, so I exhausted every natural medicine treatment I could find, and journeyed all over the world seeking out powerful healers and shamans to help me get my life and spirit back. Still feeling sick and weary, and after losing my mother (and best friend) to cancer, I was left in dark despair. This is when Angela and Benjamin were brought into my life. I did three ancestral healing sessions with them and they guided and supported me through other self-empowering healing work, and after 7 years of sickness, I am beginning to feel healthy and whole again. I am forever grateful for the freedom and joy that I now feel in my life! Angela and Benjamin are powerful and sincere healers, and are such a blessing to this world."
-Lea Taylor

"My joy comes alive in this AWESOME CLASS! It's the perfect mixture of Angela's meaningful kick ass original moves, Benjamin and friends' Live drumming felt in ur souls' bones, dancing TOGETHER in community and feeling the ceremonial ancestral energy and consciousness throughout class healing my soul and setting me free! THANK YOU FOR THIS CLASS!!!"
-Dana Premanandi Scanlan

"Yes!!! Healing Dance! The gateway to myself!! So so grateful to Angela our Queen of Dance and our powerful musician Ben! FOREVER CHANGED! You were so right my sister Rachel Walls!! Thank you once again Hilo Shala!!!"
<3   <3   <3
-Ami Wilson

"Thank you again for your work and guidance during the Ancestral Ceremonial Healing, community council, waterfall, and tide pool ceremonies. It's been one of the most amazing and mind blowing experiences I have had so far and I'm really grateful to have had you both leading me through the process as each of you brought your own unique value that made my healing complete and unforgettable...
Thank you for sharing so much information. For covering the important aspects of the ritual, for giving context to the community ceremony, and for the final tip on following my intuition. I feel that I have everything to give it a go on my own now and I am really excited about it."

"I have never felt the connection to my ancestors as strongly as i did yesterday, so many questions answered and so much medicine received. Deep gratitude also to the spirits of the land, water spirits, ancestral spirits, and each and every sister who brought their energy and medicine to the circle. Wow what an amazing and powerful experience this was...Feeling deeply grateful for all of the beauty and medicine I received on this journey to the Big Island. A warm and special mahalo to Angela Cruz and Benjamin Sands of Niakwa Healing Arts for facilitating what was for me a life changing day of ceremony with the Ancestors yesterday."               
-Heather O'Connell

Working with Angela brought invaluable reflections and a deep sense of peace, while walking through an open door to a life long journey of healing ourselves in concert with everything ancestral in us. It is potent, transformative work, and I’ve experienced it best when in the care of a compassionate, tapped in guide. I feel honored to have sat with Angela and grandmother.
-Erika Closter (April 16, 2019)

It was amazing to work with Angela.  She helped me get in touch with an ancient ancestor that is now a powerful ally.  She gave me the language and the way in which I could connect with all of my ancestral lineage.  She was the perfect liaison to help translate what my ancestors wanted from me, giving me tools according to what their needs were so I could begin working with them more.    This is what you want from a healer, to be empowered.  Thank you Angela Cruz it has been such a gift.
-Caitlin Odom (May 1, 2019)


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