Healing Arts

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Spirit Journey Sound Healing: 
-This is a group ceremony-

Music, today, is recognized in the global health community as an excellent meditative and transformational healing tool; a point that has long been understood by indigenous medicine practitioners the world over. These practices have been refined over thousands of years.

The sound healing session is an opportunity to share communal, ceremonial musical gatherings. Focus is placed on intention and prayer-filled music. The music we share is a combination of mbira, hosho (shakers), drumming, and singing.

The environment created through this form of gathering supports:
-Joy and happiness

-Bonding between participants
-Mental health restoration
-Reduced anxiety and stress release
-Heart strengthening and lowered blood pressure             
-Strengthening of the immune system
-Pain reduction
-Improved sleep quality
-Personal physical expression (through dance and movement) 
-Strengthening of community and family connections
-Emotional release and catharsis

A sound healing of this nature can inspire and awaken a deep remembering of our true nature and the joy of being fully alive. It is a chance to experience the strength and power of setting group intentions, joining together in prayer, and uniting in the presence of our ancestry, our guides, our angels, and Ke Akua (G-d).

*Please call to determine the exchange.
(Exchange rates vary depending on the size and needs of the group.)  


Contact 808.640.5396 or email