Healing Arts

Mission Statement:
The intention of Niakwa Healing Arts is to share the medicine of ancestral ceremonial practices through music, dance, ritual, and spiritual healing, thereby encouraging the preservation and continuation of the "old medicine ways." 

Our Intentions:
-To perpetuate traditional healing practices through music, dance, and ancestral healings
-To share rites of passage and ceremonies for empowerment, transformation, and expansion
-To assist those who wish to release blocks from their life and move toward alignment with their original prayer
-To assist those who wish to gain a greater understanding of their true life purpose
-To honor our ancestors and to share methods of connecting and working with ancestors
-To introduce and share tools/methods that help people to stay grounded in a spiritual practice while navigating daily life
-To provide a safe environment and a sacred space for self-discovery, healing, personal insight, and personal exploration


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