Healing Arts

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-Typically group ceremonies-

The purpose of the Kasha ceremony is to dislodge energies we wish to release from our lives by raising our core temperature through intense heat. Kasha is done in several ways such as sweat lodge and intentional dancing. It is important to take time for meditation and reflection before a kasha so that one can come to the ceremony with as much clarity as possible.

The term Kasha takes its name from the sound of water as it is thrown on hot rocks. A Kasha ceremony can be repeated as many times as necessary as determined by facilitators. After a Kasha the remains of these energies can then be washed away in a complimentary Shiniwa ceremony.

-Typically group ceremonies-

Shiniwa is a six-day traditional water ceremony.  It is a ritual process involving prayer, waterfalls, and baths.  It is a transformational experience that amplifies our intentions and assists us in realigning with our original prayer.
The ritual cleansing of the Kasha and Shiniwa can be repeated as many times as necessary as determined by the facilitators.

(Each of these ceremonies can be done independently; however, we encourage that these two ceremonies be done together, with a Kasha ceremony as a precursor to the Shiniwa. Heat. Release. Cleanse. Receive.)

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