Healing Arts

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Expansion Retreats:

For those who wish to explore these offerings more deeply. 3 day, 6 day, and 12 day ceremonial immersions are available. The immersions/retreats/expansions are held at various locations according to the intentions of the gathering. Participants will have access to lodging and showers on the premises as well as a meal plan designed to support the intention of the retreat. This expansion time is designed to be a personal transformation. All of the activities and guidance in this process are offered to help empower each participant in discovering and/or embracing their life’s purpose. To that end, self-introspection, personal creative time, and inner guidance are given precedence. Participation in any of the exercises and offerings to accelerate and support such work is voluntary. 

Ceremonial Immersions may include (but are not limited to) concentrations in any of the following areas: Connecting with your Ancestors, Building a Spiritual Practice, Releasing Addiction, Ceremonial Music, and Ceremonial Dance

Personal Retreats:
Unique immersions may be created for individual and/or group needs. Please call to discuss the length and interests you wish to pursue.

Please check our Events page for current and upcoming workshops.

*Please call to determine the exchange.
(Exchange rates vary depending on the size and needs of the group.)
** We discourage use of electronic devices such as cell phones and computers during this time.


Contact 808.640.5396 or email