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Dance & Movement

This offering is an expansion of the Ancestral Healing practice.

Angela and Benjamin invite you to explore healing through intentional ritual dance and music. They share inspired (original) and traditional movements in the Afro-Caribbean dance esthetic accompanied by inspired (original) drum compositions. The combination of these movements and this music creates an environment that encourages participants to discover, express, and connect to universal and ancestral energies.

Embody your prayer through Dance.
Dance to reawaken the joy in your lives through movement.
Dance to explore your ancestral connections.
Dance to feel spirit moving through your body.
Dance to heal yourself and your lineages.
Dance to bring communities together in peace, harmony and celebration.

All levels.
Single classes and workshop class series are available.
1.5 – 2 hrs suggested length per class (45-60min for children)


Contact 808.339.0336 or email