It is with a strong foundation of Ancestral work that Angela offers guidance through her consultations. Each consultation is unique to the individual seeking assistance and based on the needs of the client, this can typically consist of a combination of approaches. For example, it is not unusual to experience a combination of Ancestral work, energy medicine, and spiritual guidance at this time. During a session, a client is given tools to approach their healing process in a wholistic manner, with a primary goal of overall health and wellness. These various tools are shared with the concept in mind that emotional and physical well-being are seated in spiritual wellness. This concept is integral in creating harmony in our lives so that we may be in alignment with our destiny.

 Services offered: * Ancestral Work * Energy Medicine Work * Spiritual Guidance * Ancestral Council (mediumship ceremony) * Birth Support : pre-conception, during pregnancy, postpartum, family support * Womb Wellness * Women’s Wellness & Guidance * Rite of Passage * Mentorship (based on case by case)

*Perspective shifts that can lead to healthier communication and relationships
*Reduced physical pain, stress, and anxiety
*Release of emotional pain and burdens
*Release of unhealthy patterns and addictions
*Release of blocked energy
*Increased feelings of peace and joy
*Increased clarity and awareness, and energy flow 
*Increased motivation, and inspiration
*Open and balanced chakra system
*Centered and Grounded energy fields

This work can be done individually or in a group setting. Available in person or through Sype/Facetime/Phone

In person: *Initial Consultations are 1.5 hours: $125 - $155 (sliding scale) *Follow-up Consultations are 1 hour: $95 - $125 (sliding scale)

Via Skype/Facetime/Phone: *Initial Consultations are 1.5 hours: $115 - $145 (sliding scale) *Follow-up Consultations are 1 hour: $85 - $115 (sliding scale)

Please call to make arrangements for group pricing or retreat services.



Contact 808.339.0336 or email