Healing Arts


*In this practice we honor you as a self-sovereign being.

*We are here to assist you on your journey of personal healing. You are your own greatest healer.

*We come into our lives with an original prayer and purpose, a soul contract that we have come to fulfill in the three dimensional reality. Our human experience is an opportunity to align with that prayer and purpose. Ceremony, ancestral work, and cultivation of our individual gifts, aid in that alignment.

*To ensure safety from unwanted energies we hold the container of ceremony with protocols, strong intention, integrity, and clarity. As practitioners we channel the energy and support of our ancestors to assist in the healing process.

*We have the opportunity to shed our fears and release blockages so that we can give ourselves the gifts that help us to embrace our full power and potential. 

*Self-Sovereignity – We all have the power of choice. We are all responsible for our own lives.


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