Healing Arts

Benefits of Ceremonial work may include:

*Perspective shifts i.e. new ideas and attitudes that can lead to healthier communication, healthier relationships in the work environment, healthier relationships with family and friends

*Reduced Pain                                                         *Centered and Grounded energy fields

*Reduced Stress and Anxiety                                    *Increased range of motion

*Release of emotional burdens                                  *Increased feelings of peace and joy

*Release of blocked energy                                       
*Increased clarity and awareness

*Release of unhealthy patterns and addictions            *Open and balanced chakra system
*Lowered blood pressure                                          *Improved sleep quality

*Increased energy. motivation, and inspiration           *Increased dream awareness             

*Strengthening of the Heart and vascular system        *Strengthening of the Immune system

*Restored mental health and brain function                *Renewed feelings of hope

*Renewed zest for life


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