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Ancestral Ceremonial Healings:
-Must be preceded by a consultation-

The Ancestral Ceremonial Healing is a synthesis of Prayer, Music, and Energy Medicine. The form is based on an Elemental system (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) that applies to the mind, energy body, emotional body, and physical body.

The intention of the ceremony can address maladies beyond those that relate immediately to the body i.e. karmic, ancestral, past life, and other etheric imbalances. This method often reveals energetic blocks and imbalances that were not discussed or known prior to the session. Participants are strongly encouraged to come with an open heart and to release any expectations or beliefs about how their unique ceremony will unfold.

*The exchange for this offering is $325  
This includes an initial consultation and ceremonial healing.
Approx. 2 hrs

We recommend a follow-up consultation within a week of the ceremony. Follow up consultations can be done in person or through skype.

*After you have completed a purchase, please call us to schedule.


Contact 808.339.0336 or email